Ever since I picked up a camera I fell in love. Capturing an image that everyone has a possibility too see, but only some can capture in that way, is always a challenge. Over the past few years my number of clients in the various facets of photography grew and grew due to my distinctive vision and late fall 2011 I started using my vision to branch out into the world of video.
My first video I released onto the world of online videos under my own name got onto the homepage of Youtube (Netherlands) and got me my first payed assignment. Since that first video I’ve put hours and hours into learning more and more about filmmaking and that shines through in every new video I produce.

According to various people my greatest talent is that I’m so versatile, eager to learn and always open to new ideas. To know if my vision is the one you need to capture your event or to showcase your company get in touch with me.

Want to know more about my work, take a look at my portfolio.